Watch the adrenaline-charged teaser for Netflix’s new action flick ‘Carter’

Netflix has unveiled a new teaser for its upcoming Korean action movie, Carter.

The clip introduces us to the titular Agent Carter (played by Joo Won), who engages in intense and relentless physical combat, chases through rural countryside and helicopter stunts, all while following phone instructions from a unknown female voice in order to avoid being killed by the CIA.

Carter, realized by The meanie and confession of murderby Jung Byung-gil, is set to premiere on Netflix on August 5.

The “one-scene-one-cut movie” will follow Carter, who wakes up two months after a deadly pandemic originating in the DMZ that has devastated both the United States and North Korea, with no memory of his past. He finds a mysterious device in his head and a deadly bomb in his mouth. A voice in his ears gives him his orders and he is launched into a mysterious operation with the CIA and the North Korean putsch on his heels.

Carter notably marks Joo Won’s first film role since appearing in the 2015 thriller Fatal intuition, in which he played the lead role of Jang-woo. It will also be the South Korean actor’s first film since he was drafted into compulsory military service and later released from duty in 2019. Joo Won’s return to the small screen was his starring role in the 2020s. Alice, where he played opposite tomorrow actress Kim Hee Sun.

In other news, The Korean Remake of Money theft was the most-watched non-English series on Netflix last week, and also the third-most-watched show on the platform overall. The show, which features Park Hae-soo from squid game fame, was only beaten by the fourth season of stranger things and the third season of Umbrella Academy.

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