Will I Be Single Forever by Mari Okazaki? Manga gets a live-action movie – news

television actress Minami tanaka stars as a 36 year old bachelor in search of her own happiness

Nikkatsu announced Thursday that he is producing a live-action film adaptation of Husband Okazaki‘s Will I stay single forever? (Zutto Dokushin by Iru Tsumori?) manga which will open on November 19. TV presenter and actress Minami Tanaka plays Mami Honda, a 36-year-old single writer who rose to fame overnight thanks to a popular essay she wrote ten years ago. Honda is now looking for “a form of happiness for itself”.

Momoko Fukuda Live TV Series Director (Kakafukaka) is directing the film, with a screenplay by Fumi Tsubota. Yūki Saitō is the assistant director.

Media viewing released the manga in 2018, and it describes the story:

Mami is 36 and single, and the whole world seems to tell her that she must be unhappy. But is it? Does she really need a ring on her finger to be happy when she has a job she loves and friends who support her? A collection of interconnected stories that explores the dangers and joys of single life through the eyes of three single women.

Okazaki acknowledged that the story of the film is different from that of the manga, but she hopes it will gently cheer viewers up and cheer them up a bit after watching.

Okazaki launched the manga in Shodensha‘s Feel young magazine in November 2014, and finished it in October 2015. The premise of the manga is based on Mami amamiyatest of the same name. Shodensha published a compiled book volume for the manga.

Okazaki is best known for her romance at work Supply, who ran in Shodensha‘s Feel young magazine from 2003 to 2009. The story revolves around Minami Fujii, a woman who discovers romantic opportunities at her job at an advertising agency after breaking up with her boyfriend. Tokyopop published five volumes in the series. The manga was adapted into a television series in Japan in 2006.

Okazaki started the Kashimashi Meshi manga in Feel young in February 2016, and the manga is in progress. Okazaki recently completed the Has a manga on May 27.

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